About Me

You know what’s wonderful? I get to wake up every single day and makes this world a more beautiful place to live in.

My name is Atul Pradhananga and I’m a Freelance Logo Designer & Brand Identity Consultant. Early on in my career, I learned that what motivates me is promoting brands that I truly love. I can’t be an authentic storyteller if I don’t actually believe what I am talking about!

I believe in challenging the status quo & I’m on a personal mission to take the design industry of Nepal to international standards by making the Nepali brands & businesses as appealing & memorable as any other international brands.

This blog can be labeled as my playground and self experiment laboratory. Here I share all of my thoughts, stories, experiences and learning from various experiments and challenges I perform.

Every Friday, I also share my top ten list of links to articles, products, freebies, videos, or anything that I think is worth sharing with you.

Talking about my profession, I love working with small businesses & individuals from all over the world, by helping them get noticed by their tribe in this noisy world and get respected for what they do.

I provide professionally forged & designed: Brand Identities; Logo Design; Icon Design; Corporate Identities; Print Design; Publication Design; Social Media Marketing & Advertising.

Here is my portfolio: http://www.behance.com/atulpradhananga

A brief look into my design process:

  • I am passionate and motivated.
  • I obsess over details.
  • I favor clean, solid and memorable designs.
  • I hate clichés in logo design.
  • I only use commercial and high quality typefaces in my designs.
  • Love to brainstorm wonderful new company names, and tag lines.

If you want to hire me or want to collaborate, feel free to reach out to me at here: Atul Pradhananga | Logo Designer & Brand Identity Consultant

Some Random Stuffs About Me…

  • I have a goal of travelling to 80+ countries in my life time.
  • You’ll never see me without a book. I mostly read non-fiction and autobiographies.
  • Gym is my second home. I am a strength training enthusiast & love lifting heavy barbells.
  • I lost 45+ pounds in 2 months and have been successful in putting it off for years.
  • I am a curator of beautiful designs and awesome stuffs.
  • Love watching movies & documentaries
  • Always ready for adventure & adrenaline pumping sport.
  • I want to have a positive impact on at least 1000 people.
  • And I love making lists.