Get My Food – A Nepali Startup that will Revolutionize the Way You Order Your Food

We, five young students from various colleges, currently pursuing our Bachelors Degree (Undergraduate) met in StartUp Weekend Kathmandu as participants. Program kicked off with idea pitching session. Shubhechhya Shrestha, who is also the team leader, pitched her idea about creating an e-Menu for Hotels and Restaurants, that uses QR Code to automate the food ordering system.

The voting period came and her idea was one among other twelve selected ideas. Influenced by her idea, other four participants Nidesh Maskey, Shirish Maharjan, Atul Pradhananga and Roniya Shrestha joined to form a Team and worked together in idea Shubhechhya had thought of. We named the team as ‘Prishm Group’.

‘Get My Food’ is an interactive mobile application developed for hotel/ restaurant to digitalize the food ordering system. It acts as an alternative for the outdated paper menus and provide guests with an elegant and responsive electronic menus instead.

It uses QR code to place the order to reduce the time delay while ordering the food through a waiter. The app is more focused on reducing the order taking errors, creating less confusion and making the service quicker. The customers can use this app from anywhere using smartphone and website. As most of the people like to use a service that is user-friendly and which minimizes the time from their hectic schedule, this app provides a real-time menu and a delivery service too.

The app also allows the restaurant owner a source of additional sales and revenue by offering excellent and varied customer service. They can build their e-reputation and customer community online.

Here is our short trailer:


We are super passionate about our idea and believe that our small initiative can have a huge impact on the betterment of Nepal. So people, please support us, give us a thumbs up and share if you can.

Please go to the Global Startup Battle site (link below) and click the vote button

Champions Track:

Women Track:

Let’s make Nepal a better place to live.

Atul Pradhananga

Jay Nepal!



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