The No. 1 Reason Your Life Sucks (And What to do About it)


Technology has crossed unimagined borders. Things that were literally thought as impossible, are now done within minutes. Mobile phones, Internet, machines, cars, computers. Heck, we can even fly to Dolpa from Kathmandu in less than 48 hours in a flying chair. That’s crazy. We are in the most advanced era of human kind, yet we are more stressed and unhappy.

People want everything to be super-fast and instantly available. They don’t to wait in a line in the bank, they don’t want to wait for their order in a restaurant, they don’t want to wait for their video to buffer, and they don’t want to wait for their purchases to arrive. People want everything instantly, or else they don’t want it.

The Root Cause of All the Epidemics

Moreover, the problem is, this mindset – of graving instant gratification and avoiding work, has a pervasive effect. It has spread through all areas of our life. Now, we want everything without any effort. We want to lose some weight, but don’t want to change our lazy unhealthy lifestyle. We want to gain some muscle, but don’t want to lift any weights. We want better grades, but don’t want to study. We want a better relationship, but want only the other person to change and make sacrifice. We are reluctant in going after things that require our time and work, although when huge rewards are at stake.

This is what has happened to us. It’s a disease. A mental disease. I call it…The Lazy-Ass Syndrome.

People suffering from this lazy-ass syndrome always crave instant gratification and choose an easy way out. Here are some symptoms:

  • They opt-in to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram instead of studying,
  • They go to KFC or other fast food places instead of cooking your own healthy meal
  • They hop into their couch and waste their time watching TV series instead of working out
  • And they stick to their comfort zone instead of challenging themselves and pushing through their limits.
Fat, Obese, Teenager, TV, Couch potato, Nepali blogger, Lazy-Ass Syndrome

Can you picture yourself doing this?

So are you suffering from it? Be honest.

This syndrome is more often seen in people trying to lose weight and get fit. They want to lose weight and look good, but they want results quickly. They are reluctant on putting on some effort. This is the main reason why scam product, which promises instant result,  like slim tea, fat massage oil, sauna slim belt, fat-loss pill, are booming in the market. People don’t want to eat healthy and exercise, but are willing to risk their life by trying these unapproved, dangerous pills and products. This is ludicrous.

I can tell this because I was definitely one of them.

 The Untold Story Behind My Fat Loss Transformation

Many of you, who have been following my blog, are familiar with my personal weight loss transformation. It took me 2-3 months to lose 45+ pounds and reach my ideal weight and about a year more to gain some muscle and build a strong shredded body. But, I want to take you back in time a little.

I had the desire to look good and be strong and sexy throughout my teenage years. I used to look at guys with great abs and muscles and wished to have a body like them. All my friends and I used to play games like, Chuyeki Dumm, Chor Police, catch me if you can, bomb-blast, and other chasing games, and I used to be an easy target for everybody. I was a slow runner. I hated those games and I hated being fat. But here is the interesting part, I knew that to get slim, I had to throw away my crappy eating habit and exercise more. Yet, I never did, for a long time. I put off my goal for about 3 year before I said it was enough and took any action. 

I always used to be carried away by the temptation of having that “one last piece” of chocolate cake after dinner, or that one last scoop of ice-cream, or that one last can of coke, which used to lead to finishing the entire thing. The temptation of instant gratification distracted me from my goal. It blinded me from seeing what a little bit of discipline and commitment can lead to. Every time I had the thought of eating healthy or exercise, I used to always make an excuse like;

  • I don’t have enough time – which I wasted watching TV and playing video games.
  • I don’t know how to start – and yet I never made an effort to research or ask for advice.
  • I am fat because of my genetics and it can’t be changed – although I had seen many other fat people transform themselves.

And these types of excuses always kept me away from my goal. It was not until early September of 2012 that I had my Harijuki Moment and took steps towards my goal. And now, almost 2 years later, the only thing I regret is not taking those steps sooner in life.

Everything that is worth pursuing and achieving, takes time. Having a strong, healthy, sexy body is no exception.

Here is a simple solution. Ask yourself one question: Is my goal worth it? If the answer is no, quit immediately. Don’t waste your time and energy with half-ass effort on trying to reach a goal which is not admirable or worthy. But is the answer is yes, you have two choices, either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, and if I were you, I would chose the former. Choose wisely.

P.S. I am now offering 1 hour one-on-one consultation service to people wanting to lose weight and transform their body and life. Email me at: or Facebook or Twitter.

Atul Pradhananga

Be Healthy. Stay Sexy.


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