Should Marijuana Be Legalized or Not?

Marijuana Leaf

In the past few year, drugs like marijuana, cocaine, shroom etc are being illegally produced and supplied in a mass scale. The numbers of people, especially teenagers and adults, abusing these kind of drugs has significantly increased. Among all these drugs, marijuana is immensely popular among the youths. They believe it does “no harm” to their health and is not additive like others. Many even argue that marijuana should be legalized and made easily accessible to the citizens all around the world. However, in my view, marijuana should stay illegal and outlawed for the sake of a safe society.

A society is not just a group of people living in an area. A group of civilized people  with values and morals is what makes a society, a society. Without these morals and values, people would be no different from animals. With just few drags of marijuana, the user loses control over his or her actions. Every single sensation, every single thought is magnified by the brain. As a result, the drug users cannot focus on anything properly and are unaware of their surrounding. These sort of people are not only capable of harming themselves, but are also a threat to everyone around them.

Addition to that, marijuana makes you high very quickly. Generally, people lose control over themselves after finishing a complete bottle of beer or four to five glasses of wine. But with marijuana, 2-3 drags of joints is enough to make you feel like you are floating in air. In fact, it just takes 8-12 seconds for marijuana to enter people’s veins and take over his/her nervous system.

Even though marijuana makes people feel happy and more alive while they are high, once the effect of drug wears off, anxiety, stress, tiredness starts kicking in. This happens due to drastic decrease of enzyme called dopamine, also known as happy enzyme, in the blood. So, to escape from this state, the person is tempted to take a few joints again and the cycle continues. Therefore, even though marijuana does not contain addictive chemicals like in cigarettes and cocaine, with time, marijuana can turn into a bad habit and be difficult to give up.

This video explains it nicely.


However, many claim that not even a single person has died due to marijuana. Instead, marijuana is said to have many health benefits like growth in brain cells, suppression of cancer cells, better immunity etc. Many people suggest the use of marijuana in textile and paper industry for the production of high quality cloth and papers. But it is also true that marijuana is very expensive. If it is used in manufacturing cloth and papers, the cost of simple note books and clothes would sky-rocket. Also, there are tons of more effective ways of being healthy like working out, eating healthy, Yoga etc. Using drugs which makes people lose control of themselves to be healthy does makes any sense to me. Lastly, people who claim that marijuana has not killed a single person are just a bunch of pot-heads searching for validity for their actions.

To sum it all up, marijuana turns people into an animal. It makes them forget about their morals and values, leading them to be a threat to everyone around them. It’s ability to quickly enter the blood and take control over the actions of the user makes it very dangerous. Despite of the absence of addictive chemicals, smoking marijuana can turn into a bad habit with the frequent consumption. Personally, I have never met a person who uses cocaine and other harmful drugs, who didn’t started with smoking marijuana first. So, I strongly believe that marijuana should be outlawed and classified as a controlled substance. Thus, while marijuana based drugs should be available on prescription basis from a pharmacy, pot use should not be normalized and marijuana drug should be illegal.

–  Atul Malla

Be Healthy. Stay Sexy.

P.S. Thank you for reading this entire post. I really appreciate it. BTW, what are your thoughts about this topic? Should marijuana be legalized or not? Why? I would love to see your opinion on the comments below. Peace.


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