How Sitting is Actually Killing You

In the past few years, research has discovered one of the major cause for increasing growth rate of type-2 diabetics, heart diseases, low life expectancy and childhood obesity, and that is — Sitting.

On average, a normal person more than 8 hours per day sitting on a couch. Heck, some people even spend more than 15 hours a day. This is mainly due to the reason that most of our daily task or jobs requires us to sit. In our jobs, in our classes, in our room and even in our potty place, we are required to sit down.

But, the human body is simply not designed for prolonged period of sitting in a desk or on a couch. Look at our ancestors for example, throughout the day, they were either farming, collecting or hunting for their survival. They were continuously moving throughout the day and had a very active life. Today, with the invention of TV, computer and desk jobs, the time we spend sitting on out chair or couch has increased rapidly. And this is killing our body.

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As soon as we sit down, following things happen in our body:

  • Electrical activities in the leg muscles shuts off.
  • Calorie burning drops to 1 per minute.
  • Enzymes that help break down fat drop 90%

In a nutshell, sitting more than 6 hours per day is very harmful for your body. Not only does sitting for long hours make you obese, but it also increases your risk of death up to 40%, even if you exercise.

So, what should you do? Great question.

Get off the couch. Move More. Sit Less. And Exercise Regularly.

This infographics illustrates the findings of different research on how sitting affects the human body in an easy and fun manner.


Sitting Kills, Health, Good Habits, Stand Up, Info graphics, Research, Medical Research,

How Sitting Kills You

Important Notice: Many people suffer from problem because they are unaware of the cause. If you know anyone who spends majority of his/her time in a chair or a couch, help them by sharing this post with them.

Spread the Awareness People!

Atul Malla

Be Healthy. Stay Sexy.


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