A Tour inside Google Office around the World

Who has not heard of the internet giant, Google? If you are reading this blog, I guess you have. But do you know about the inside life of the people who work on making Google what it is right now? Read on and I will give you a little glimpse of what is it like working for Google.

Google provide their employee the luxury to choose from 18 different restaurants and cafe, serving variety of foods from ethnic to Indian to South American to Asian to Italian foods. If you are a health conscious person, Google also has few café where they only use fresh, locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, Google takes healthy eating to the next level by growing their own food. You can find foods like Google Strawberries, Google Pies, and Google Mangoes around the Google compound. Addition to that, Google makes sure that there are unlimited amount of munches within just few feet from everyone’s desks. Moreover, all of this is absolutely FREE!


If you feel a little bit fluffy after eating all the delicious foods, Google also has a fully equipped professional gymnasium for their employees. Dozens of personal trainers help the googlers stay healthy and sexy, both physically and mentally by providing various aerobic classes, strength training and yoga sessions. If you are preparing for a marathon or other contests, they also provide separate personal training classes. And all of these are…you guessed it…FREE!

Fitness Gymansium

We all love a stress freeing massage with warm oil, relaxing tunes and pleasant aroma. So, once in their Birthday, Googlers get a free relaxing and stress killing massage session. If you tired of working all day, looking for bugs in the codes or researching the new marketing strategy or coming up with ideas for the “Next Big Thing”, there are several sleeping pods where you can just take a quick power nap and recharge yourself.

Nappy Time…ZZZ

“A sick body contains a sick mind.” Google knows this and so, it offers free check-ups and simple treatments sessions for their employees. As if this much is not enough, Google bombards its employees with many more facilities like; free dry cleaning and laundry services, electronic cars for outdoor roaming around the Google compound etc. The Google office at Beio Horizonte, Brazil— along with having most of the above facilities— has unique indoor hammocks for quick power naps. In Beijing, China, employee discuss on a Bean Back Chairs. And where is the hangout place during break time, you ask…in one of the 10 micro kitchen playing ping pong. How cool is that, right?


With more than 400 happy employees, Google at Zurich, Switzerland, hired a psychologist to identify what would gratify these googlers. And what they came up with? Exotic aquarium with 1850 litres of water to calm the mind of the hard working googlers. Victoria library for a change of scenery for the feeling of escaping the office in their coffee break. Hundred different pods for a person for more quite time or privacy. And instead of traditional stairs, they have a fire pole slides to travel from one block to another one.

Exotic Aquarium

Private pod

Fire pole ride baby!

Check out this video for even  more visual tour inside Google office.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading. I would really appreciate your feedback on my articles and I read and reply to each one of your comments. If you like another article on a tour inside other companies, mention it in the comments below.

Atul Malla

Peace 🙂


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