5 Healthy Alternatives to Foods That Are Making You Fat

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Who doesn’t, right? Living a healthy lifestyle means having full strength and energy every day to tackle anything that comes in your way, living a long happy life with your loved ones, being able to do anything you want, and mostly having a healthy sexy body. But it is easier said than done.

In today’s world, where we are bombarded with mouth-watering, taste buds popping, unhealthy food item, living a healthy lifestyle seems impossible. So, today I want to help you guys make some healthy choices by switching these life sucking foods with some healthy alternatives.

1. Oatmeal instead of Fancy Cereals

Oatmeal with nuts and fruits

I admit it. When I was a child, my mom used to give me all those chocolaty, sugary cereals, which comes in shapes of colouful stars and planets, for breakfast. But her intentions weren’t bad though. She just wanted to start my day in a “healthy” way.

Damn you TV ads. A talking monkey jumps here and there and feeds kids he meets with his special cereal and the kid becomes happy and strong. How dumb is that?

Oatmeal is a much healthier, filling and fiber-rich alternative to cereals for breakfast. It lowers the cholesterol level, is full of antioxidant, and stabilizes blood sugar. Also due to being rich in fiber content, it will prevent weight gain. Children who regularly eat oatmeal have highly diminished risk of obesity. Moreover, It is easy to cook and will keep you full longer.

2. Roti instead of Rice

This is one of the most favourite switches that I have made. I don’t know about you, but I always had prefer roti instead of rice. Plain rice is sort of tasteless. It is nothing but a form of starch. It has almost zero nutritional value but are extremely calorie dense. The soft, chewy texture of roti and its roasted stony taste…yum…along with its fiber rich content beats rice in every single way. Moreover, it has been found that people who have roti instead of rice are less likely to be obese. The only problem is that it is not as easy to make as rice.

3. Homemade Chatpaat instead of Kurkure and Lays (or other processed chips)

You know as well as I do that those mostly air-filled large chip packets ain’t good for your body. Have you ever looked at the nutritional labels of those things? Every goddammn ingredient is processed! Moreover, those things don’t even taste that good. Personally, I liked those chips only because of their flavour combination (Hats off to Pringles, Lays and Kurkure Flavour Analyst for coming up with so many delicious flavour combinations). So, I decided to combine those same flavours that I liked and add them in something healthy like; bitten rice, bhujiya, vegiees etc. And before I know, waallaa, I made a healthy and “clean” chatpaat.

This homemade chatpaat is much healthier and hunger killing than those processed chip. And most of all, it is super fun to make, especially with friends 😀

4. Yogurt instead of Ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream. Even I do. I used to finish a whole home-pack sized ice cream all alone within few minutes. My favourite ones were butterscotch and 21-Love. But even after finish a whole home-pack ice cream, I used to crave for more. Within few minutes, I used to feel hungry and drained out of energy. Only after that I switched to a healthier lifestyle and started reading and researching more about food and nutrition that I found out the answer. Ice cream is delicious, agreed. But the sugary content in it is extremely high. Therefore, after having just a scoop of ice cream, within few minutes, the sugar level in your blood spike from normal 180 to 210. Having such spikes frequently can result in obesity, nausea or even type-2 diabetes.

Nepali Yougur a.k.a Ju Ju Dhau

So, what to have instead and survive this freakishly hot summer, you say. Yogurt or as Newari folks would call it, “Ju:Ju Dhau”. This was my life-saviour and an awesome alternative to ice cream for me. It is natural, high source of protein, healthy fats and rich source of calcium (stronger bone, eh). Although the normal yogurt produced by DDC company is slightly healthier, I prefer Bhaktapur’s Ju:Ju Dau, mostly because I was grown up eating it and because it is SO Freaking Delicious! I can eat a these Ju:Ju Dhau all day. I wasn’t made Lord Krishna during “Gai Jatra”, a Nepali Festival, just like that.

5. Nuts instead of Chow Chow

We Nepalese are a huge fan of chow chow, aren’t we? Mostly because it is a quick snack to munch on whenever we feel hungry. I was one of those guys. I used to mix wai wai chow chow with almost

So, here you have it. Five super healthy alternatives to be added in your diet. I don’t want you to replace all of your items all at once, though. Take it one item at a time.everything it can be mixed with, Chatpaat, Dalmot,

Chewra (Bitten rice), you name it. Furthermore, I was a huge fan of those new barbecue flavoured wai wai quick chow chow. But I have come a long way since then. Now my choice for quick snack are healthy, munchy and nutritious nuts.

Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, along with being super tasty, they all contain healthy fats and lots

BTW, what are your choices for a healthy 


meal? Do you have your own personal healthy food item or recipe? What are you gonna replace today? Share it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.of vitamins. Magnesium present in these nuts helps in weight maintenance by regulating blood flow in the body and hence reducing food craving. They also have unsaturated fatty acid, low cholesterol and extremely less quantity of sodium in them. In fact, I am munching them right now while writing this 😛

So, here you have it. Five super healthy alternatives to be added in your diet. I don’t want you to replace all of your items all at once, though. Take it one item at a time.

BTW, what are your choices for a healthy meal? Do you have your own personal healthy food item or recipe? What are you gonna replace today? Share it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Atul Malla

Be Healthy. Stay Sexy


3 thoughts on “5 Healthy Alternatives to Foods That Are Making You Fat

  1. I use to take biscuits or bread for snacks. Over the years, I found it has saturated fat that’s not good. So I now replace w veggie snack like cucumber, tomato n etc. I also sometimes take nuts but I found certain nuts has more fat contents too ! I like almonds n walnuts.

    • Thanks for commenting, Kevin. You should try making some veggie salad with some dressing on it for snacks. I swear, it tastes awesome 😀

      And if you can find it…try some Brazilian nuts- healthy fats, rich in protein and freaking delicious.

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